Who We Are

Our purpose

What we do…

We optimize the power of media to help all kids reach their potential.

Why we do it…

So that every child can discover a world of unlimited possibilities.

Our values

We believe…

  • in the promise of all children, and that who you are and where you come from should never stand in the way of what you want to be.
  • learning happens naturally as part of a fun and delightful adventure.
  • the real world is full of opportunities to explore and grow.
  • children need trusted guides on their journeys of learning and discovery.
  • children are little people with big potential – not budding consumers – who need safe and age-appropriate places to learn about the world around them.
  • media can inspire and nurture a love of learning in children – and help bridge the opportunity gulf between children who "have" and those who don’t.

Our target audience

Our preschool audience

The PBS KIDS audience is made up of children and caregivers from all parts of the country, of all races, ethnicities and income levels. Our littlest viewers are preschoolers, aged two to five.*

During this time, children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. They have a natural curiosity and want to touch, taste, smell, hear and test things for themselves. They learn through play (and respond to PBS KIDS characters as if they were real playmates).

While preschoolers are busy exploring the outside world, they are also figuring out who they are on the inside. They’re getting to know themselves — and it’s exciting for them to discover their abilities and talents!

Kids this age are open to new people, places and ideas. They are genuine explorers, just starting their unique life’s journey.

* Want more on our audience of older kids? Check out the PBS KIDS GO! section of this guide.

Our caregiver audience

When it comes to the PBS KIDS brand, parents and caregivers are just as important as kids. They are the media gatekeepers and make most of the choices about their children’s TV and online use. PBS KIDS parents want the best for their kids: for them to be safe, happy and healthy and to achieve all they can in life.

These moms and dads value learning and know that PBS is a safe and educational place for young kids to spend time. They play an active role in their kids’ lives and learning experiences, encouraging their children to grow and explore through active play, books, websites, TV and more.

Of course,
we have many other
vital stakeholders – and it's
important that we present a
clear, consistent brand to them
as well. So, it's good to keep what
you learn from this guide in mind
when working with funders,
policymakers, board members,
staff, educators and
community partners.