Our Brand

Our brand positioning

PBS KIDS is a trusted guide for little explorers, from every walk of life, as they discover themselves and the wonder-filled world around them.

Everything we do
must deliver on this promise.

Our brand
positioning reflects
what matters to our
audience and what
makes us stand out
among our

Our brand attitude

The PBS KIDS brand is infused with curiosity, discovery and the exhilaration of everyday adventure. We approach the world with optimism, and we share young children’s sense of wonder. We’re playful and celebrate the joy in learning. We serve as gentle guides for young children, encouraging them to look further, dig deeper and rise to new challenges.

Our brand experience

A unique experience for kids

Across all platforms, the PBS KIDS environment is always kid-friendly (even when we speak to grown-ups). We provide an experience that:

  • inspires curiosity, exploration and discovery.
  • is playful, smart and fun.
  • is immersive and interactive.
  • is grounded in the real world.
  • is contemporary and age-appropriate.
  • transforms characters into favorite friends and trusted guides.

A special experience for grown-ups

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that bolsters the PBS KIDS experience for caregivers and adults. For them, PBS KIDS:

  • is a trusted guide, opening up the real world for preschoolers with care and delight.
  • supports children’s natural energy and curiosity.
  • is a safe place where kids’ interests always come first.
  • nurtures a love of learning for life-long growth.