Consumer Approach

Talking to consumers

It’s important to reinforce our brand every time we talk to kids and parents — in print advertising, promos, emails, tweets, direct mail, events, etc. To make the most of these communications, streamline messages and always remember your audience.

Communications approach

Have fun and communicate in a way that amuses and delights our preschool audience, but still resonates with moms. Consider what parents and caregivers value. They want their kids to:

  1. learn, build self esteem and have fun;
  2. feel nurtured, included and love; and
  3. experience the most enriching media possible.

Let your communications reflect their perspective.


The tone and personality of PBS KIDS communications should reflect the spirit of the brand. Whether you are talking to a child or an adult, think ”inquisitive, energetic, nurturing, fun and playful.” We value kids’ thoughts and feelings and we never talk down to them. We take a friendly, fun and conversational tone of voice.

When working on content-specific communications, you can further focus by also reflecting the tone of that program, character or subject matter.

How we sound

How we sound is another way to deliver a PBS KIDS experience. Here are some quick copy rules to help you capture the PBS KIDS voice:

Language Usage

  • Use complete words. Avoid using abbreviations (such as “li’l” instead of little, or “‘n” instead of “and”) and slang contractions (such as “‘em” instead of “them” and “dancin’” instead of “dancing”).
  • Use the alphabet accurately. Avoid backward letters in type and using “Z” in place of “S” (“kidz,” “girlz,” “boyz”).
  • Skip trendy language. Avoid words like “cool,” “hip,” “wacky” and “hot.”
  • When referring to PBS KIDS, its programs, services, products or stations, use “PBS KIDS.” Do not use "public television" or “PTV.”
  • Do not spell out “Public Broadcasting Service,” unless required to do so for a legal document.

Grammar and Spelling

  • The possessive of PBS KIDS is PBS KIDS’.
  • PBS KIDS always appears in uppercase letters, except when listing the URL: URLs are ideally set at 18 pt. type.
  • The first time that PBS KIDS is referenced in copy, the ® must be used; subsequent references to PBS KIDS within the same copy do not require the use of this symbol.
  • Proofread, and use perfect grammar.

Preschool destination

The PBS KIDS preschool destination is a special way to engage and interact with little explorers and invite them into the PBS KIDS brand. The destination uses age-appropriate interstitial content that keeps preschoolers engaged between PBS KIDS shows.

The PBS KIDS Preschool Destination Handbook explains everything you need to know about interstitial material and how it works for broadcast, online and for promotion.

Explore the preschool destination here:

Creative checklist

For a quick way to make sure your communications are well-branded, ask yourself:

  • Does it spark kids’ curiosity?
  • Does it draw them in and make them a part of the experience?
  • Does it have fun, humor, excitement?
  • Does it open kids up to something new?
  • Does it feel real, not based on magic or fantasy?
  • Does it feel unique, possible only on PBS KIDS?
  • Would it inspire kids and moms to act (e.g., tune in or log on)?