Building Blocks

Setting ourselves apart

Everything we do for kids is informed by the promise of our PBS KIDS brand. Our work expresses our brand attitude and gives children and adults a rich PBS KIDS experience. One way to make sure we're delivering a PBS KIDS experience is by using the building blocks of our brand – our animated hosts, our visual identity, our typeface, our logo. When thoughtfully designed and consistently used, these are invaluable assets. They can set PBS KIDS apart from other kids media brands and help us reinforce who we are to children, parents and sponsors.

Dot and Dash

Dot and Dash are trademark icons of PBS KIDS and the hosts of PBS KIDS media. They are brother and sister; their interaction with each other should reflect that close sibling bond. They are the typical brother and sister combination; both are energetic, curious, creative, smart and fun.

Dash is the older, wiser brother. He is an experienced explorer and trusted guide who’s still inquisitive about the world around him. Dot is a young, active explorer. She is fun, curious and willing to learn from her experiences. She’s constantly investigating her surroundings and discovering new ways to view and interact with her environment. Sometimes Dash helps her see how things work, and sometimes Dot shows him a thing or two!

Our look

Our visual identity draws children of all ages into the engaging and immersive world of PBS KIDS online, in person and on TV.

PBS KIDS has its own visual identity package that’s filled with elements that bring PBS KIDS to life in print, on-air, online and in your community. The package uses graphic elements, colors, fonts and more to create a cohesive, engaging experience for all PBS KIDS families.

You’ll find a complete guide for how to use PBS KIDS graphics here:

Our colors

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Our typeface

The typeface for PBS KIDS is friendly and clean, reflecting the brand itself.

Avenir Black with a soft, feathered drop shadow is the primary font that should be used in the PBS KIDS graphics package. Also, Clarendon can be used for print, as needed. On the web, use the web-safe Arial for blocks of text to ensure correct rendering and readability.