Who We Are

What we do…

We harness the extraordinary power of media to help everyone, from every walk of life, broaden their horizons.

Why we do it…

To enlarge people’s sense of individual and collective possibility.


  • Are open to new experiences
  • Celebrate the joy of discovery
  • Are authentic
  • Are fiercely independent in mind and spirit
  • Embrace a range of individual positions and experiences
  • Follow our own path
  • Are innovative & pioneering, highly experimental and willing to take risks
  • Are honest and grounded in integrity

The PBS target audience is made up of people from all parts of the country, of all races, education levels and professions. What unites them is how they relate to the world. They share an adventurous spirit and believe life is an exciting journey with never-ending opportunities to learn and grow.

The PBS they know and love is all about discovering new things – about the world, about themselves, about their community. And they especially appreciate that we bring unexpected ideas, independent perspectives and enriching experiences, not to just a privileged few, but to everyone throughout the country.

Our goal is to attract new people to PBS, especially adults between 40–64 years old who fit the profile above. These men and woman are in a stage of life where they are experiencing new-found freedom and feeling a powerful urge to explore new territory. They offer the most potential for increased viewership, and financial and emotional support.

Our target audience
Of course, we have
other vital stakeholders. It's
important to present a clear,
consistent brand to them as well.
So, keep what you learn from this
guide in mind when working with
funders, policy makers, board
members, staff, educators and
community partners.