Our Brand

PBS invites everyone, from every walk of life, to explore new worlds, discover new ideas and broaden personal horizons – to Be more – especially in ways that might not otherwise be possible.

Everything we do must deliver on this promise.

Our brand
positioning reflects
what matters to
our audience
and what makes us
stand out among

Our brand is filled with
a sense of optimism
and exploration.
We are curious about
all kinds of subjects,
and we open up the world
so people can reach
their best potential.
We take chances and
never compromise on quality
and independence.

It all adds up
to a unique
PBS experience.

  • Rich and multi-faceted
  • Immersive and interactive
  • Surprising, new or unexpected
  • Contemporary and forward-thinking
  • Smart without being pretentious
  • Grounded in truth and integrity
  • Invitational and engaging
  • Spirited and energetic
Images from PBS shows