Building Blocks

Setting us apart

Everything we do is informed by the promise of our brand.
Our work expresses our brand attitude and gives people a rich PBS experience.

One way to make sure we're delivering a PBS experience is by using the building blocks of our brand – our tagline, our visual identity, our logo. When thoughtfully designed and consistently used, these are invaluable assets. They can set PBS apart from other brands and help us reinforce who we are to our audiences.

Be More®

People restoring mandala mural

Be more says it all.

Be more is the perfect expression of our brand. It is our invitation to people to turn over stones, question convention, open their minds and explore new paths. It reminds people that PBS stations take them to unknown places, introduce them to intriguing people and invite them to experience new things every time they engage with our content.

When asked what Be more means to them, viewers said it was about "achieving growth," "broadening their horizons" and "opening yourself up." And Be more is differentiating – viewers also told us no other media company could claim this benefit.

How to Be more

Be more can be used in tune-in, outreach, development – any kind of communication. It works as a tagline, as part of a logo or even in copy.

On its own, as a tagline

Be more®

With a station brand

Be more® KVIE

With a place name

Be more® Wisconsin

With the PBS logo

Be more® PBS

Be more words

Be more works best as a tagline when used without an adjective. But if an adjective is crucial to further illustrate your message, select from the words below. They evoke important consumer benefits that best define and differentiate our brand.













How to Be more: Example

Be more anywhere

Include the ® legal symbol in any creative execution, and in the first appearance of the line in copy.

Be more as a headline or tagline

Always use a capital "B" and a lowercase "m."

Be more in copy

Follow traditional rules of capitalization and always use the present tense.

Be more with a proper noun

Proper nouns following Be more should begin with an uppercase letter.

sample press release

Our visual identity draws you into the PBS experience, using color, images, typography, logos and graphics to set us apart and reinforce who we are.

PBS Multiplatform Brand Package

PBS has created a new visual identity package based on extensive consumer research that shows why people value and support their PBS stations. This package includes more than 630 turn-key on-air, online and print elements for you to use to bring the brand the life. You’ll find a complete guide on how to use the Brand Package on PBS Connect.

Color diagram showing various colors of orange, blue, green, magenta

The new typeface for PBS is infused with the spirit of the explorer. And, like PBS itself, it’s familiar and welcoming.

The PBS Explorer typeface is based on an enduring font called "Interstate," which was inspired by the alphabet used by the United States Federal Highway Administration across all highway signage. This font seemed like a natural starting place for an explorer – someone who likes to search, who savors adventure and who often finds the journey as its own reward.